We are very excited to announce that our new CD, Reflection, is available for purchase or digital download!

If you would like to purchase one of our new CDs in person, we have arranged a collection point in the car park of Sandbach School on Saturday 15th August at 9:30am to 12:30am.

Please put cash, or a cheque payable to Lions Youth Brass, in an envelope for your allocated disc and any others you may wish to purchase, with your name on. If you do require additional discs , please let us know prior to the collection day. If you can not collect at this time please contact Nigel Birch (nigelcbirch@gmail.com) and he will arrange an alternative method of collection or delivery.

To purchase our new CD via digital download, please follow the links below

If you are purchasing our new CD on an Apple device, please go to https://music.apple.com/gb/album/reflection/1525753271

If you are purchasing our new CD on an Android device, please go to https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Lions_Youth_Brass_Reflection?id=B4fdobfru5fnneyick3xfwlnysi&gl=GB

Track List

  1. Starburst (Live performance)
  2. Dark Eyes
  3. New York New York
  4. The Closest Thing to Crazy
  5. Fly Me to the Moon (Live performance)
  6. Bohemian Rhapsody (Lions Junior Band)
  7. Trumpet Blues and Cantabile
  8. One More Step
  9. Valiants Arise
  10. Guava Guy (Lions Beginner Band)
  11. Under the Boardwalk
  12. Sanctuary (Live performance)
  13. Blue Moon (Live performance)
  14. Toccata in D Minor
  15. A Little Prayer
  16. Slaidburn (Lions Reunion Band)
  17. African Funk (Lions Reunion Band)
  18. Jubilation (Lions Reunion Band)

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