We have a brilliant team of volunteers who work incredibly hard to make sure our members always have a positive and enjoyable experience. If you are interested in joining the committee, please get in touch. You don’t have to take on a specific or a large role, whatever you want to do, we’ll find a spot for you. Please email lionsyouthbrass@yahoo.co.uk to enquire.

Charlotte Parker


Kate Mayne

Vice Chairperson

Vicky Taylor

Vice Chairperson & Safeguarding Officer

Deborah Miles


Emma Dean


Ian Bloor

Equipment & Instrument Maintenance

Jakob Hill

Director of Marketing & Publicity

Jennifer Boughey


Ian Raisbeck

Musical Director – Youth Band

Pete McDonough

Musical Director – Academy Band

John Barber

Musical Director – Debut Band

Derek Gardener

Team Member

Daya Gill

Team Member

Helen Cooper

Team Member

Dave Yarwood

Team Member

Chris Taylor

Team Member

Eliza Dakin

Team Member

Debbie Docherty

Team Member

Alison McLaren

Team Member

Donna Bates

Team Member

Sadie Hopley

Team Member

Paul Hughes

Team Member