Lions Youth Brass Code of Conduct – Youth band members’ version

As a band, we believe in people’s freedom to express themselves and be who they want to be. All band members have the right to be treated as individuals and we will not tolerate bullying, unkindness or disrespect of any kind.  To ensure this, we expect all band members to follow our Code of Conduct in order to create a well-organised and respectful environment where every individual works together and has the opportunity to enjoy brass banding. 

As individuals of the band we agree to the following:

Member Commitment

  • I understand that being a member of the band involves a lot of time and energy.
  • I will involve myself in the work of the band and accept my fair share of responsibilities, if I am physically able.  I will attend rehearsal and concerts, arrive at the agreed time, practise outside of rehearsals and help to set up and take down equipment before and after rehearsals and performances.
  • If I am unable to attend a concert or rehearsal, or expect to be late, I will let my MD know as soon as possible by text or telephone or in person.
  • When I am representing the band at concerts and other events, I understand my responsibility as a member and I will behave in a way that maintains the band’s professionalism and reputation at all times.
  • I will work as part of a team, including working hard to keep good relationships with other band members.  I will act kindly and without prejudice towards other band members and the general public. 
  • I understand that I have a responsibility in everything I say and do to uphold the ethos and reputation of the band.
  • I will treat people equally, regardless of their playing ability, position within the band, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, beliefs or sexuality.

Members’ Conduct

  • All Band members have a responsibility to look out for each other and keep each other safe.
  • Inappropriate behaviour and language will not be accepted.  This includes at rehearsals, as well as engagements (see below for what constitutes unacceptable behaviour).
  • All members must behave according to the band’s policies and procedures as set out in the band’s governance documents including, but not limited to, Safeguarding and Health and Safety.
  • If a player is worried about the behaviour or welfare of another member, this should be raised with a relevant adult as soon as possible.
  • Band members are expected to have their music parts available at all times for rehearsals and engagements.  If, for any reason, a player cannot attend a rehearsal or engagement, they must ensure that the music is forwarded to the band or left with the band in anticipation of their absence.
  • Band members are expected to assist with the setting up and packing away of chairs, stands and equipment at rehearsals and engagements.
  • Band members should arrive at engagement venues by the time stated wearing the specified uniform.

 Appropriate Behaviours

  • Treat other band members with respect, dignity, kindness and fairness.
  • Encourage and support fellow band members.
  • Listen to and observe instructions from MDs, tutors, other adults involved with the band and section leads.
Inappropriate Behaviours
Hitting, striking or in any other way physically harming another band member on purpose.Verbally abusing (including shouting or swearing at) another band member or adult.Deliberately humiliating or undermining another band member.Encouraging, or knowingly being involved in, another band member committing a crime.Drinking alcohol at band rehearsals or events (this includes band members over the age of 18).Smoking (including e-cigarettes) at band rehearsals or events.Using digital technology such as social media to bully another band member or make inappropriate comments either about our band or any other.

Property Care

  • Band members are expected to keep their uniform clean, maintained and secure.
  • Band members who borrow band property including items of uniform, instruments, lyres and mutes, will be required to sign to confirm what they have borrowed.  This will also be signed off when the item is returned to the band.
  • Members are expected to look after their instruments and other equipment, keeping everything clean and in good working order.  Any damage or concerns about instruments or other equipment should be reported as soon as possible.  Instruments and other equipment should also be stored securely when not in use.
  • Members will return to the band any property borrowed by them when requested or when leaving the band.
  • Playing members are expected to keep music parts in good order and tidy within the rehearsal and engagement folders.

Personal Appearance

Band members must follow the band’s dress code and personal appearance guidelines when performing.

Uniform – Youth Band   Before and after performing: White, long-sleeved shirt Youth band tie Black, school-type trousers (not leggings or tracksuit bottoms) Black socks (that cover the ankles) Black, polished shoes Band fleece   During performance:   Black bow tie Band waistcoat  

     Breaking the Code of Conduct

In the event of a member of the band not following this code of conduct, or of any other band policy, the band will investigate and take action to protect the safety and reputation of the band and its members.

During the investigation, the band committee will gain the information they need.  A meeting will then take place between members of the committee and the member involved and their parent(s) or representative(s).  During this meeting, the member will be given full opportunity to put across their case.  The committee will then consider any action that may be needed to protect the reputation and safety of the band and band members.  The member involved has the right to appeal against a committee decision.  This appeal should be made in writing to the committee within 14 days of being informed of the outcome of the investigation.

The committee will only dismiss band members as a last resort after trying to resolve any difficulties or disputes in a more constructive way. However, if the behaviour or alleged behaviour of a band member may be a risk to the safety and wellbeing of children, young people or adults either in the band or in the wider community, then safeguarding procedures will be followed immediately, and relevant authorities such as the police and social services will be informed. 

All children and young people attending the band will be made aware of this Code of Conduct and it will be explained to them with a parent/guardian present if necessary.  Their parent/guardian is to confirm that they have seen, understood and agree to follow it.  They must also be made aware of the consequences if they breach the code, as outlined below: 

  1. If a band member does not follow the Code of Conduct, the most appropriate sanction for a minor or first time breach will be to remind him/her about the Code of Conduct, explain what they have done wrong and ask them to follow the Code of Conduct in future.  Band members will be given the opportunity to think about their actions, enabling them to plan a positive response, with support from mentors. 
  2. If, having followed the above step, the band member continues to behave in the wrong way, she/he will be asked to speak to a senior committee member who will give them a formal warning.  A plan will be made for ways to support the band member to behave in a more appropriate way in future.  The action will be recorded and parents/carers informed. 
  3. Further/persistent inappropriate behaviour will result in a more serious sanction being imposed (e.g. a suspension from taking part in concerts and/or rehearsals for a specified amount of time). Again, a plan will be made for ways to support the band member to behave in a more appropriate way in future.  The action will be recorded and parents/carers informed. 
  4. If interventions are not effective in helping the band member to change his/her behaviour, a further warning may be needed, along with further sanctions.  At this point, the band will discuss options with their parent/carer and may seek help from others.

Disciplinary actions

The band may have to take disciplinary action against band members who repeatedly or intentionally fail to follow our Code of Conduct.  Disciplinary actions will vary depending on what has happened and will be discussed and decided by the Chair with the support of the committee.

Possible disciplinary action includes:

  • Verbal/written warnings
  • Suspension from concerts and/or rehearsals for an agreed amount of time
  • Instant dismissal from the band

As mentioned above, if the behaviour or alleged behaviour of a band member may pose a risk to the safety and wellbeing of children, young people or adults either in the band or in the wider community, then safeguarding procedures will be followed as soon as the allegation or concern comes to light, and relevant authorities such as the police and social services may be informed.

Code of Conduct Adopted/Reviewed April 2024

Signed by (Print):  Charlotte Parker (Chairperson)

                                 Helen Brooks (Safeguarding Officer)