Remembering Nell

Charlotte Birch : 22 May 2020 7:39 am : News

Today marks the 3rd Anniversary of the Manchester Bombing.
A number of our players attended the concert and some lost a close friend, Nell Jones. From there The Remembering Nell Foundation, was launched and it is now a charity Lions Youth Brass are very proud to support.

On 30th June Lions will host our awards evening which will include music, raffles and other activities, all funds will go to the foundation. To raise awareness of the event we would simply ask you to like and share our post.

The day before the event a draw will be made from those who have shared the post and the winner will receive a free lesson online from Gary Curtin.

Please take a moment to listen to the Manchester Hymn and remember all of those families who were affected by the tragedy.

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LYB in Lockdown

Charlotte Birch : 21 April 2020 5:37 pm : News

During lockdown the organisation have been doing multiple social distancing activities to stay connected and occupied during this difficult time.

8th May 2020 – Following on from our post earlier today, Jack was featured on Granada Reports this evening!

8th May 2020 – Beginner band member, Jack, playing The Last Post in his street today! Amazing job Jack, we are very proud of you 💜🦁

3rd May 2020 – Paul and Zoe Lovatt Cooper have been judging our solo competition.Results will be available shortly.Thank you to you both for taking the time to listen and record your feedback.

1st May 2020 – Happy Birthday to one of the band’s management team, Katie Stubbs, from all your friends at Lions Youth Brass!

29th April 2020 – Kai Simpson, the bands principle cornet, arranged this version of Gonna Fly Now for the entire band (including tutors) to play from their own homes.

24th April 2020 – Quiz Night 2, this week hosted by Somewhere Over the RONbow. This week’s winners and the next quiz masters are The Dakins! The next quiz will be on 8th May at 7pm.

10th April 2020 – Multiple members of our organisation came together to enjoy a quiz night hosted by Charlotte Birch (Tutor) and Andrew Beattie (Youth Band member). This was a fantastic evening filled with lots of fun and laughter! 

10th April 2020 – Our most recent video shows members of the band and their tutors showing their appreciation for our NHS

1st April 2020 – Charlotte Birch, a tutor of the Beginners Section, then created the Loo Roll Challenge. With toilet roll having been in notoriously short supply during COVID-19, the video sees a roll pass from one band member to another – with interesting results.

Charlotte said: “I had the idea to do the toilet roll challenge to boost morale among the band. We had a lot of fun filming the videos and putting it together.

“It was great to see so many people taking part. We never expected the video to get over 10,000 views but everyone’s reaction has been so positive.”

31st March 2020 – The first video saw members record I Wanna Be Like You from the Jungle Book. The brainchild of principal cornet player Kai Simpson, the video saw him joined by Amy Hext, Katy Stone, his sister, Elena and younger brother, Theo from the Junior Band, who acts as conductor in the video. 

They each recorded their parts then sent them off to Kai, who brought them all together and turned them into the finished product. 

Kai explained: “With the prospect of no band practice for what seemed like an eternity, I was keen to find a way to continue to play music together, albeit virtually. 

“I wanted to arrange a fun, uplifting piece that everyone could sing along to. We all recorded our own individual parts to a click track and these were then assembled to form the finished video performance.

“With so many people stuck indoors we thought that our rendition of I Wanna Be Like You would, at the very least, put a smile on people’s faces in this unusual period of time. We really enjoyed recording the parts, playing together and hearing the end product, we are looking forward to further virtual opportunities with more members of the band in the near future.”

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New CD Preview!

Charlotte Birch : 22 March 2020 1:02 pm : Beginners Band, CD, Home, Junior Band, News, Youth Band

Our brand new CD ‘Reflection’ is due for release this Easter! It features our youth, beginner and junior band with three additional tracks from our reunion band made up of over 50 past members!

If you can’t wait until Easter, we have included some sneaky little previews below. Enjoy!

Lions Youth Brass

Lions Beginner Band

Lions Junior Band

Lions Reunion Band

Lions Reunion Band

Lions Reunion Band

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Tour Day Five

Charlotte Birch : 25 July 2019 12:23 pm : Concert, Home, Tour, Youth Band

The band enjoying a spot of seaside fish and chips

In the early afternoon we played at Llandudno bandstand which featured some of the most enthusiastic dancing we have ever seen!

We were then treated to a lovely Chippy Tea from Chish and Fips – no seagulls this time!

In the evening we performed at the Gloddaeth Church in Llandudno where we were met with a supportive crowd for our last concert in Wales

By Kai

Check out some more fantastic pictures from the day:

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Tour Day 4

Charlotte Birch : 24 July 2019 8:06 am : Concert, News, Tour, Youth Band

We woke to the sound of a very loud, ear-piercing alarm. It seemed to be coming from Andrew’s Phone 🤔, at 7:00! It was not amicable; it was way too early for anyone.

After our exhilarating morning, we travelled to Bangor Cathedral. Here, we performed a chilling lunch time concert. Next, we ate lunch sat on the Cathedral grounds. Unfortunately for some, we didn’t realise that a colony of seagulls were circling us for dead meat. The seagulls seemed omniscient, understanding all our weak points. It made, for the very least, a very interesting and somewhat entertaining lunch.

The band preparing for the day’s concert.

Following this, we went off to the beach. After facing the dangers of the natural world, we were faced with new perils in the form of Jellyfish, hiding in the dark waters. This didn’t deter some brave or perhaps more accurately foolish members of the band facing the cold water.

Kai, Emily, Abbie, Amy, Alex, Tom, Jake and Leon all faced the water. Leon in particular seemed to be preparing for his upcoming audition for Baywatch.

Soprano player Jake.

After this, we headed back to our accommodation. The concert in the evening was at the local church. The church was tiny, but filled to the brink with our biggest audience to date. The humidity, high temperature and a group of 40 teenagers led to a lot of blood, sweat and tears as we battled through the concert.

We then headed back to the accommodation. The concert organisers were kind enough to prepare us a feast worthy of the Gods – thank you! We sat outside, eating and chatting. Watching the sunset on our fourth dasy!

By Andrew & Jake

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The band is currently on tour in North Wales and all of the latest information can be found on social media – including pictures, live videos, and more.

There will be plenty of Facebook live videos, Instagram stories, and Tweets, as well as updates on this site.

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Tour Day 3

Charlotte Birch : 23 July 2019 6:38 am : Concert, News, Tour, Youth Band

We woke up in time for breakfast at 9 and had a nice relaxed morning. Today was the first of two days of assessments, so we enjoyed chilling, playing games and having a chat.

After the assessments were done for the day, we had lunch and Jane announced that we were going to the beach for a couple hours. When we reached the beach, we set up for a traditional game of rounders, that lasted about an hour, with many people falling while trying to run in the sand. Kai ended up getting wet quite a few times when trying to catch people out. After rounders we all went down to the sea to take a dip. Jane and Katie then proclaimed that we weren’t allowed back on the coach if our shorts were wet. At this point a few of us were worried. Some people were soaked!

After we got back, some of us had a very quick shower to get rid of all the sand on our legs, and we had a lovely meal of chicken curry or sweet and sour chicken, followed by angel delight.

Tonight was the 4th concert of our trip, where we shared the stage with the Northop Silver Band, who are going to compete at the National Brass Band Championship at the Royal Albert hall later this year. It was a pleasure to perform with such an amazing band and their soloists were something for some of us to aspire to.

Quite a few of the girls also found Northop’s ‘’heartthrob’’, who Steve thought we had sneaked onto the coach when he counted an extra person.

After an enjoyable day we got back to where we were staying and all settled down for bed.

By Jakob, Bethan & Lily-Mae

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The band is currently on tour in North Wales and all of the latest information can be found on social media – including pictures, live videos, and more.

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Tour Day Two

Charlotte Birch : 22 July 2019 8:01 am : Concert, News, Tour, Youth Band

After an early wake-up, despite not having a concert all day, the day one member of the band had waited for for her whole life had arrived; her 18th birthday.Emily on flugel celebrates her birthday on tour every year, and what better way to start her day than with a cold shower and one of Derek’s special walks!

With the whole band in tow, some of which were still in their pyjamas, he took us down to the church in the village where we have a concert later in the week. As with Derek though, it was not quite the simple 7 minute walk (according to google maps) that it was meant to be.

We arrived back to a cooked breakfast and then spent the rest of the morning chilling, playing rounders and other games.

We even managed to get Steve involved in a massive game of cards against humanity, though it didn’t last very long (wonder why….).

At 2pm we had a roast chicken dinner and then set off for our evening concert in Mold.

The band played a great concert to an appreciative audience in a lovely church.

View this post on Instagram

Some of the band decided to play a few board games whilst assessments were taking place 🎲

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Particular highlights included Gabriels Oboe, Under the Boardwalk by Leanne, and it was a great first outing for Daya in The Holy Well.

After what felt like a long day, we got back to our accomodation and enjoyed some birthday cake, hot chocolate and biscuits before going to bed.

By Abbie and Emily

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The band is currently on tour in North Wales and all of the latest information can be found on social media – including pictures, live videos, and more.

There will be plenty of Facebook live videos, Instagram stories, and Tweets, as well as updates on this site.

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Tour Day One

Charlotte Birch : 21 July 2019 9:35 am : Concert, News, Tour, Youth Band

Lions Youth Band at Llandudno Town Hall

So far, tour has gone really well.

We played two concerts yesterday; one at the Bodnant Welsh Food Centre in the afternoon, where the band played really well – debuting many new pieces and solos that have not been played by the band in a while, including Caruso – a flugel and cornet duet played by Emily and Emma and Live and Let Die – a soprano cornet solo played by Jake.

Of course, tour wouldn’t be tour without some classic LYB pieces, such as Sweet Gingerbread Man or Offenbach’s Can Can, so they featured as well.

Ella playing at Llandudno Town Hall

Our second concert of the day was in Llandudno Town Hall. At this concert, LYB shared the stage with singer Clara Bloom, who was incredibly entertaining and an enjoyable watch.

We also had some good new pieces to play tonight – including ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’ a trombone solo played by Oliver.

The band performed with Clara Bloom

Our first day of tour 2019 was thoroughly enjoyable, yet very tiring. Two concerts down, six to go!

By Emily and Alex Miles

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The band is currently on tour in North Wales and all of the latest information can be found on social media – including pictures, live videos, and more.

There will be plenty of Facebook live videos, Instagram stories, and Tweets, as well as updates on this site.

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A weekend packed with music!

Charlotte Birch : 10 July 2019 8:40 pm : News

The weekend started on Saturday 6th July at 10:45 as the Junior band set off with coach driver, Jose, to compete in Brasstonbury!

We had a great journey and arrived at 1pm ready to rehearse before the big performance!

Everyone gave a brilliant performance and were a credit to the organisation.

The hard work paid off as they were awarded 2nd place![0]=68.ARDMCl2mI-4MvLpaKHO3QbaNXi6mHGtf-9jQk47qPfwxl_DNZ-qF8eLysYoJWpiWLXdD8oWKpIwiHjHkorWez3hyabnV5vbhPQ3eREe9GFdUz7TzV0rD7LFv–lHZz0HslcJDRRVLDft6H6y2z5WNXDdEazsFn8vpjgNPpAALk-Zk1rDm96cIXjhyE7sDMhHL-0JgZLnC2WRDblBZrWnb-Fjb36Y3Q9tSMMgIB4vG2cFkF5-nAzinMRUgKPF9DWuLaBOzTPYtkBm3-_WMUUWZQO2vSruB0bNzUPc1WAT6h_OxCRbm8CjUDTMlf0Mcj-2GAuQAsMzsALexaA-rTcaVg

After their brilliant performance there was just enough time to award our youngsters with an ice-cream before hopping on the coach back to Sandbach…the sun was shining after all.

Our weekend of music didn’t end there as on Sunday all three bands were invited to Congleton Park to entertain the crowds as it was National Picnic in the Park Day! In case you missed it, we’ve added some videos of the performances below but you can always watch more on our Facebook page![0]=68.ARDMCl2mI-4MvLpaKHO3QbaNXi6mHGtf-9jQk47qPfwxl_DNZ-qF8eLysYoJWpiWLXdD8oWKpIwiHjHkorWez3hyabnV5vbhPQ3eREe9GFdUz7TzV0rD7LFv–lHZz0HslcJDRRVLDft6H6y2z5WNXDdEazsFn8vpjgNPpAALk-Zk1rDm96cIXjhyE7sDMhHL-0JgZLnC2WRDblBZrWnb-Fjb36Y3Q9tSMMgIB4vG2cFkF5-nAzinMRUgKPF9DWuLaBOzTPYtkBm3-_WMUUWZQO2vSruB0bNzUPc1WAT6h_OxCRbm8CjUDTMlf0Mcj-2GAuQAsMzsALexaA-rTcaVg
The Youth Band performing at Congleton Park
The Beginner Band performing at Congleton Park

Want to watch all three of our bands in action? Join us at King’s High Scool in Macclesfield on 13th July 2019 at 7:30pm.

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It’s all change for our Beginners

Charlotte Birch : 22 June 2019 8:17 am : News

We would like to congratulate our Beginners Band Musical Director, Megan Bousfield, on securing a place to further her music studies, at the Royal Scottish Academy Music.
This will mean that at the end of the summer term she will have to stand down from her role from our organisation.
A full resume of Megan’s time with the band will appear following her final concert with the band at Macclesfield on 13th July.

We are delighted to announce that Jamie Sharp has been appointed as the Musical Director of our Beginners Band.
Jamie, who was a music student at Sandbach School and graduated from the Royal Northern College Of Music, is now the Head Of Music at the Knutsford Academy High School.
Jamie has considerable ensemble leadership experience and we see him as the ideal candidate to inspire the next generation of young Lions.
There will be a phased introduction to Lions during the final weeks of the Summer term as the players and parents have an opportunity to see what is in store for them in the new academic year and then Jamie will take overall control from August 1st.
We look forward to a new an exciting era for our Beginners Section.

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