National Youth Championships 2022!

What a weekend…! Lions Academy Band First to play was our Academy Band in the Elementary section on Saturday morning.Programme:1. The Muppet Show 2. Londonderry Air – Soloist, Charlie Kearon 3. The Saddleworth Suite – Pots ‘n’ Pans, Grasscroft Ghoul & Friezland Fiesta 4. Abide With Me 4 Bars Rest said “Lions certainly had a gold hallmark about their set under conductor Tom Hancock, as they opened in a long line with the ‘Muppets Theme’ (with brilliant car horn soloist), before segueing skilfully into the euphonium solo ‘Londonderry Air’ played wonderful by ‘Best Soloist’ winner Charlie Kearon. Their original brass band work, Dave Chapman’s ‘A Saddleworth Suite’, featured great percussion… Read More

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