The organisation was formed in 1989 as the Crewe & District Brass Band, by a group of parents whose children played brass band instruments. At the beginning of the year there were 29 players in the Youth Band and 18 in the training band. The membership quickly increased and the organisation began to receive financial support from the local Lions clubs of South Cheshire and North Staffordshire and which continues to this day. The band changed its name to Lions Youth Brass, and is believed to be one of only two organisations of its kind in the world to operate in the name of Lions Youth.


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  • Wendy Joy Mulliner

    Hello,sorry I cannot be with you tonight and hope the day went well, it is 10 years since Jim passed and I would like to donate towards the next cd. He had such respect and admiration for the band and how it helped with Charlies confidence,it helped him tremendously and Im sure you are doing just that for so many kids, many many thanks for al l your dedication throughout the many years you have been there. Many regards Wendy x

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