We woke to the sound of a very loud, ear-piercing alarm. It seemed to be coming from Andrew’s Phone 🤔, at 7:00! It was not amicable; it was way too early for anyone.

After our exhilarating morning, we travelled to Bangor Cathedral. Here, we performed a chilling lunch time concert. Next, we ate lunch sat on the Cathedral grounds. Unfortunately for some, we didn’t realise that a colony of seagulls were circling us for dead meat. The seagulls seemed omniscient, understanding all our weak points. It made, for the very least, a very interesting and somewhat entertaining lunch.

The band preparing for the day’s concert.

Following this, we went off to the beach. After facing the dangers of the natural world, we were faced with new perils in the form of Jellyfish, hiding in the dark waters. This didn’t deter some brave or perhaps more accurately foolish members of the band facing the cold water.

Kai, Emily, Abbie, Amy, Alex, Tom, Jake and Leon all faced the water. Leon in particular seemed to be preparing for his upcoming audition for Baywatch.

Soprano player Jake.

After this, we headed back to our accommodation. The concert in the evening was at the local church. The church was tiny, but filled to the brink with our biggest audience to date. The humidity, high temperature and a group of 40 teenagers led to a lot of blood, sweat and tears as we battled through the concert.

We then headed back to the accommodation. The concert organisers were kind enough to prepare us a feast worthy of the Gods – thank you! We sat outside, eating and chatting. Watching the sunset on our fourth dasy!

By Andrew & Jake

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