We woke up in time for breakfast at 9 and had a nice relaxed morning. Today was the first of two days of assessments, so we enjoyed chilling, playing games and having a chat.

After the assessments were done for the day, we had lunch and Jane announced that we were going to the beach for a couple hours. When we reached the beach, we set up for a traditional game of rounders, that lasted about an hour, with many people falling while trying to run in the sand. Kai ended up getting wet quite a few times when trying to catch people out. After rounders we all went down to the sea to take a dip. Jane and Katie then proclaimed that we weren’t allowed back on the coach if our shorts were wet. At this point a few of us were worried. Some people were soaked!

After we got back, some of us had a very quick shower to get rid of all the sand on our legs, and we had a lovely meal of chicken curry or sweet and sour chicken, followed by angel delight.

Tonight was the 4th concert of our trip, where we shared the stage with the Northop Silver Band, who are going to compete at the National Brass Band Championship at the Royal Albert hall later this year. It was a pleasure to perform with such an amazing band and their soloists were something for some of us to aspire to.

Quite a few of the girls also found Northop’s ‘’heartthrob’’, who Steve thought we had sneaked onto the coach when he counted an extra person.

After an enjoyable day we got back to where we were staying and all settled down for bed.

By Jakob, Bethan & Lily-Mae

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