Day 2 started with another early start at 9:30am we headed off to Bridlington Life Boat Station, ready to perform three, hour long sets for a passing audience along the beach.

The sun was shining down and we played in what felt like a heatwave. During our performance, we were also accompanied by tuneful sea shanties performed by pirates (Who also supported the RNLI.

We finished our set with a tour of the newly built Bridlington Life Boat Station and their two brand new boats. We also got to see various operation rooms  where Daisy and Ollie were quick to dress up in a life jackets.

When we returned to the scout camp we had the challenge of the Sponsored Blow which was to perform 120 hymns without a break. We managed it in two hours and twenty four minutes. The whole event was live streamed to Facebook for your ‘enjoyment’.

Finally, we ended the day with a Mexican themed night. It was interesting to see the western led perspective of Mexico that was presented on the night through sombreros, moustaches and ponchos. Mr Barwick stole the show by bringing his donkey along for tea. The piñata at the end of the day brought to a close this themed night.


Tom, Anne & Jake


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